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Thank you for your interest in doTERRA ​E​ssential ​O​ils.

Your top 3 wellness goals ​are first priority. For example, sleep ​support, stress management, respiratory support​ – what are your top three? This will help me determine how I can serve you best. ​Attached are ​the enrollment kit​s​ with which you may create your account, or you can choose to customize your order with my help.

To order​ on your own,​ click
At the top, click ​Join and Save
​Second page, click JOIN doTERRA at the bottom
Third page, opt to be a ​Wholesale ​C​ustomer​, or a Wellness Advocate if the business interests you​.

​If you wish I can walk your through this process on the phone too.

With your account, you’ll have access to Elena’s weekly Office Hours and team meetings, as well as our gorgeous team site which has educational resources and videos for your own learning.